Please Silence Your Phones Now, Shush!

A while ago my boyfriend introduced me to an app called "Let Me Sleep" that would allow me to set specific times that I want my phone to be silenced so that it wouldn't interrupt when I was doing things like sleeping. But the problem that I had with this app was that it was a little more complicated for times when I just want to silence my phone for a little while. It was almost like setting an alarm for any time I wanted. My phone would be set to silence for a few hours and then turn to volume back up (because I always forget) all on its own.

So I suffered through dealing with this app until last week when an article on LifeHacker got my attention. They introduced an app for Android phones called "Shush!" its like taking the simple idea of Let Me Sleep and taking it to the next level.  Instead of always having to figure out how to set up a new basically alarm clock every time I want my phone to silence all I have to do is push the volume button all the way down and then Shush launches automatically with a prompt asking how long I would like the ringer to be off for.

Lets say that I am going into a meeting and I want my phone silenced and I know that after said meeting I'm going to be going out to lunch and tend to forget to turn the sound back on, here I can just tell Shush to turn the sound off for the next hour or so and then to turn the sound back up to 90% and walla! Problem solved!

Not to mention they also have a really nice user interface, plus its super easy to customize!

  • There are seven colors to choose from!
  • Ability to set ringer to stay off
  • Easily see how long the alarm will stay off and what time it will turn back on at
  • An icon in the notification bar if its on with the time that the ringer will turn on at
  • Ability to tap the notification to turn ringer to present volume
  • Ability to set volume you want when it turns back on.
A few features that I wish that this app had, but don't really see them as deal breakers because so far there have been no problems with it.
  • Preset time - when I launch Shush I don't always want to shush my phone for 8 hours like I do when I go to sleep. Generally I only want to Shush my phone for an hour or so, if there were a feature to set a default time so I don't have to tap through all those minuses to get down to 1 hour.
  • Time Frames - Sometimes I do want to have the rigid lines that Let Me Sleep forces me into, when I go to sleep at around the same time every night and wake up at the same time I do want to be able to just press one button and not worry about my phone's settings. Or when I sit in class I would like my phone to know my daily schedule so that it can silence when I'm in class and come on about 5-10 minutes after my last classes every day.
I have been very happy with the results of this app so far, no crashing or bugs. I highly recomen you head over to the Google play store and check it out.

Check out this video by Ting:

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